Good Night, Sweet Prince…


Prince lives.

That’s how my world is framed.

The headlines, memes, artwork and tributes have floated along my timeline…I have read and watched very few.

I am by no means the biggest Prince fan–three of my friends take that title, and were the first three people I sought out when the headlines broke. They are devastated, literally heartbroken…and my heart breaks for them.

It may be a state of denial I’m choosing to live in, but I don’t think I can function any other way. I was curled into a weeping ball the day CNN broadcast Michael Jackson’s service, but I at least knew His Royal Badness was within reach.

I can’t use the D word–not now, not ever. The music lingers, and that helps, but I can’t mentally assign them to that state. Michael has been enjoying life on the beach of a private island for the last few years (along with Whitney, Biggie and Tupac….who is probably decking out the villa he saved for him mom right now), and I can just as easily put Prince in a similar locale. I WILL borrow from one Facebook post, in believing that he jumped from the top of the speakers, made two spins, played the sickest guitar riff EVER and then disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. A stage exit befitting our Royal One.

Good night, sweet Prince. ♡

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