Why You Should See “Grace Unplugged” No Matter Where Your Faith Level Is


This past weekend Grace Unplugged opened nationwide, gaining a pretty respectable $998K first-weekend draw considering the limited number of screens for release. If you haven’t seen it (or haven’t heard of it), here are a few reasons why you should–and maybe bring a friend or two with you….

–Even with the “Christian movie,” well, stigma for lack of a better word, it’s a solid and plausible story. Who can’t relate to teenage angst, parental struggles and growing pains? Plus the characters simply live their faith in such an easy and natural way that it does feel preachy or judgmental.


–Want to do a little star watching? If you’ve ever been a fan of Aly and AJ, Desperate Housewives, Twilight or Entourage, you can check out some familiar faces in AJ Michalka, James Denton, Michael Welch and Kevin Pollak. Hey, even current General Hospital fans and American Idol devotees can catch a glimpse of recognizable faces in Kelly Thiebaud and Pia Toscano.

–It’s 100% family friendly. I’m an adult and was just recently enlightened to some subtly (and not so subtly) questionable content in movies such as Madagascar and The Golden Compass. No such controversial content here–in fact, one of my church members remarked that aside from enjoying the story herself, she especially enjoyed the fact that she felt completely comfortable watching with her 9-year-old granddaughter–who also thoroughly enjoyed the movie. A rare feat for a film to bridge several generations so successfully.

–Movies with strong Christian overtones tend to get a half-hearted push–if not total dismissal–from marketing and promotion. ALL of the press I’ve heard has been through Facebook–there may have been some Christian radio and television coverage, but I never saw or heard any, and NOTHING in the mainstream media. I work for a network affiliate watching TV for 40 hours a week and didn’t see as much as a 10-second commercial. The fact that word of mouth grossed an almost $1 million opening weekend is impressive but not necessarily a big motivator for Hollywood distributors. And that’s a shame, because if you don’t even mention the father being in music ministry or anything about church, it’s still a good movie. The story is relatable to anybody: everybody had dreams they want to follow and choices they have to make in line with those dreams; everybody has had some form of conflict with their parents in their youth; everybody has done a regrettable thing or two they wish they could make right. Sadly, the “Christian” label tends to put some people off at first glance, and without positive promotion, makes the difference between an audience giving it a chance or passing on it sight unseen. Good numbers, however, might just make room for more pictures like it and much more visible publicity.

I was privileged to see a preview of the movie; I went back to my church congregation and pushed for everyone to go see it. Opening weekend I got my mom and another couple from church to go, and I paid admission–FULL WEEKEND PRICE ADMISSION–to see it again. It’s a movie I’d recommend to anyone and everyone, and the fact that it has a Christian focus is just a bonus.


If you haven’t seen it and want to, go to www.graceunplugged.com to find a theater in your area. And tell a friend…or take a friend.

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Every day is a gift….

I have been struggling with a great deal these past few weeks, but I have been reminded that I have it easy in the grand scheme of things and I should be much more grateful.

For my classmate’s husband, who celebrates his birthday mere days after bidding his father farewell….

To my online friends Donna and Kim, who mourn loved ones lost yesterday and what still feels like yesterday….

To my friend Lillie facing the holidays without her mom for the first time….

For my friends valiantly spitting in the eye of cancer, and those watching children who are….


I am here, however you need me.


Life means so much…..

Marriage and the Wisdom of the Young

I was a late-in-life bride. Due to a lot of factors and life decisions, my first (and God-willing, only) trip down the aisle was made well after college and career goals were already achieved or reasonably solid. While I hadn’t envisioned being in my mid-30s, I did know that I at least wanted to be well across a quarter-century of life before I settled into married life. Which is why I was always mildly intrigued at couples who decided to marry young–as in anywhere below 25 down to ages beginning with a 1. Looking at my personal experience, I know I never have been emotionally mature enough to handle a relationship situation that permanent and serious. So when my nephew, at age 21, announced his engagement to his then-24 year old girlfriend, I took pause….and then nearly had a coronary after finding out the wedding was imminent–within a few months’ time. Aside from the typical “he’s still a baby to his Tee-Dee” thoughts, I kept wondering how he could possibly be so sure and so ready for such a big life decision, such a large emotional, financial and spiritual commitment? I was in about 6 years deep and I was still learning the ropes–so how could they possibly just KNOW? I still plan to ask him and my new niece one day, but I got a little light shed on the subject by Christian artist Trip Lee who wrote this blog about his decision to marry.

It is amazing to see such wisdom in one so young. And as I think on the points made, I see a lot of these characteristics in my nephew. From the little time I’ve spent with him and my new niece I see a level of maturity and teamwork that I am still longing to find for myself, and I wonder how it came about in them. How do you manage to become emotionally and spiritually secure with so few years of life experience under your belt–and conversely, I suppose, how do you manage to accumulate so many years on the calendar and still remain a babe in the woods? I am not so closed-minded as to think that I can’t learn something profound from someone half my age; it just shames me that I have to, that I’m not the one able to provide these jewels of wisdom. However, I do accept that everyone has a different skill set and different areas of expertise, and the opportunity for us to share our limitless knowledge with each other is a blessing beyond measure.

If what I’ve read and witnessed are any indication, these two couples’ lights will illuminate the world for a long time. All the best to both of you.

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence R. Williams

My hearts...what true love looks like....

Mary Mary explore Proverbs 31 and ask ‘Who’s that Chick? | Essence.com



Mary Mary explore Proverbs 31 and ask ‘Who’s that Chick? | Essence.com.

A really good article from them about the myth of the Superwoman…check it out.