Habari Gani? Kwanzaa begins

Habari Gani? UMOJA! (Unity)

Habari Gani? KUJICHAGULIA! (Self-Determination)

Habari Gani? UJIMA! (Collective Work & Responsibility)


President and Mrs. Obama Issue a Statement about Kwanzaa

Habari Gani? UJAMAA (Cooperative Economics)

Habari Gani? NIA (Purpose)

Habari Gani? KUUMBA (Creativity)

Habari Gani? IMANI (Faith)

Habari Gani? Farewell statement

Reflections on Kwanzaa 2012


Kwanzaa 2012: Day 1–UMOJA

Kwanzaa, a celebration of First Fruits, begins 26 December and ends 01 January – National African-American history |

Kwanzaa 2012: Day 2–KUJICHAGULIA

Kwanzaa: Day 2: Kujichagulia means self-determination – National African-American history |


Kwanzaa 2012: Day 3–UJIMA

Kwanzaa: Day 3: Ujima means collective work and responsibility – National African-American history |

Kwanzaa 2012: Day 4–UJAMAA

UJAMAA Roll Call — Vendors to Support

Kwanzaa: Day 4: Ujamaa means cooperative economics or death to the “hook up!” – National African-American history |

Kwanzaa 2012: Day 5–NIA

Kwanzaa: Day 5: Nia means purpose; raising all our children is essential – National African-American history |

Kwanzaa 2012: Day 6–KUUMBA

Kwanzaa: Day 6: Kuumba means creativity or turn off that television! – National African-American history |


Kwanzaa 2012-2013: Day 7–IMANI

Kwanzaa: Day 7: Imani means faith; find the common ground – National African-American history |

Reflections on Kwanzaa 2013

Yes, some black people do care about Kwanzaa | theGrio

Does Kwanzaa clash with the black church? | theGrio

Kwanzaa; Our Culture & Why We Celebrate it Every Year |

Kwanzaa Reflections 2015

VIDEO: “Kwanzaa is a joke with Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson” | YouTube

Kwanzaa Reflections 2016

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