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9 Ways to Keep Your Marriage Healthy At Any Age | Shine on Yahoo!

I heart The Swayzes

I fell in love with Patrick Swayze back when he was playing Orry Main on North and South. Sure, as a Southern black woman I should probably not have been swooning over the boy in the gray uniform, but it couldn’t be helped. Flash forward to this little-known (at least when I saw it) movie called Dirty Dancing and I was totally hooked. His death was nearly as heartbreaking for me as Michael Jackson’s, even though I had time to adjust and expect it despite continuously hoping for miracles. So when a Patrick moment comes along to make me smile, I pay attention.

I’ve been to the wax museums before and see the statues, particularly the celebrity likenesses (more pictorial memories That 2005 Heffa That Shall Not Be Named stole from me), but it’s never been any big to-do for me to visit or revisit when there’s a new addition. I WILL now be planning a trip to see the Patrick-as-Johnny statue balancing on the log, if for no other reason (if they let me) to get to do what Lisa Niemi got to do at the unveiling. Everybody should get to be Baby now and then…and get out of that corner.

Now if only somebody will re-air that SNL Chippendales skit with him and Chris Farley…… 😉

Post-script: VERY nice biography on Patrick:

Don’t piss off the Princess

I have, over the years, developed a thicker skin than I used to have. Before, I would yearn to be liked and accepted by everyone and literally be crushed and heartbroken if anyone laughed at, scorned or otherwise dismissed me. And while I realize that as an artist–whether in my dancing, sketching or writing–that I am ultimately opening myself up to other people’s opinions and potential ridicule, I had this need to please everyone and make sure they liked me. Well, while there’s still a part of me seeking acceptance and approval, the need now is not as great. Doing whatever I do is first and foremost to make me happy and to express whatever I have inside through my words and movements, and having someone validate and applaud me at this stage is just gravy.

So all that was said to say this: to the jackass whose comment about my uninteresting, whining drivel appropriately wound up in the spam folder–please know that I am a contented resident of the small town of DILLIGARA, and your opinion of my posts is not and will never be my end-all, be-all. I’m too much of a lady to tell you where you can put that comment, but I’m sure you can guess….

The Princess is not to be played with….

Jonathan Bines: How to Speak Republican

It’s simplistic, and I know it doesn’t apply to everyone–but damn if I didn’t giggle…..

Jonathan Bines: How to Speak Republican.

The One Guaranteed Way To Improve Your Relationship In The Next 30 Days | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

I think I want to marry this website….LOL Seriously, a lot of the issues addressed in this blog touch a little close to home–not wanting to get too deep but every couple has issues every now and again, and this is worth looking at.

The One Guaranteed Way To Improve Your Relationship In The Next 30 Days | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family.

You Can Break The Cycle | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

I know I’ve been reposting a lot of these articles on marriage, but I think they’re worth reading….

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You Say You Want Joy And Peace In Your Relationship, But Do You Really? | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family

You Say You Want Joy And Peace In Your Relationship, But Do You Really? | Black and Married With – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family.


Warning you right now–this is gonna be a long one. Pack a lunch.

Alright boys and girls–we already know from past reading that I am a diehard fan of So You Think You Can Dance and have officially proclaimed this recently finished 8th season the best ever. After this past Wednesday night’s live performance at the UNO Lakefront Arena in New Orleans, LA (October 19, 2011), I have even more cause to say so.

After trying to convince my husband to come with me to no avail, and after missing the last two tours due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to look at tickets for this year’s show. Plus #1: the tour was again stopping in New Orleans, thus saving me the 9 hour drive I made to Grand Prairie, TX for the last two shows I went to; Plus #2: the show was on a Wednesday, an off night that meant I didn’t have to burn a vacation day; and Plus #3: I believe I’ve already mentioned the incredible talent of the Top 10 dancers. Since I was going solo, I decided to go for broke and get the VIP package that included floor seats in the center section and a pre-show “meet and greet” with the cast. I was slightly concerned that after getting my purchase confirmation, there was no information about when (or even if) my tickets would be mailed to me (though upon arriving at the Arena that afternoon, I could appreciate them holding my tickets at will call). I got an email two weeks before giving me instructions on picking up my tickets and proceeding to the pre-show event. So I wound my way to the venue, a good 2 1/2 hours before the start of the show, to stand in line with the rest of the lucky ticketholders waiting to meet Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and the rest of the dancers in a nice, cozy setting. I’ve always wondered about the VIP sections of concerts–though I’m sure there’s a little more involved for music concerts, I was about to get a small taste of what I’d been seeing in most of my friends’ Facebook pictures. Mother Nature had picked this lovely sunny day to drop a cold front on us….and did I mention the venue was the LAKEFRONT Arena? That’s not just a scenic name; that bad boy is right next to Lake Pontchartrain. Which meant whatever cool was already in the air was getting a biting assist from all that water. After a while, security took pity on us and ushered us into a hallway in the building so we could get out of the air. (A lucky break for the two girls in front of me wearing miniskirts, strapless tops and NO coats–the wind, as my grandmother would say, was blowing up their go-go.) A little more waiting and casual chit-chat with my line mates, and then we were ushered by small groups into a room where 11 of the 12 performers were seated in two rows of chairs, with the center chairs of the first row reserved for us ticketholders to take a group photo with them. After everyone had taken their turn, the dancers moved around the room talking to everyone, taking personal pictures and signing autographs for a few minutes. Then, after one final group pose for us fans to snap, the dancers move toward the backstage area to get ready for the show. I have to say for the “assembly line” beginnings of it all, it was a pretty fun experience. I got to sit next to Tadd, who I think was in a contest with Jess to see who could be the biggest man flirt in the room…hey, if a cute, 20-something year old guy is gonna sneak his arm around my shoulder for a picture, who am I not to play along? I then went to speak to all of the dancers: first Sasha and Missy (who had been eliminated in the first weeks of competition but was still chosen as a tour alternate), the former to whom I passed a message along to her sister Natalia to try again to get on the show. I then found Jess and Tadd (big huggers–I even kissed Tadd on the cheek. Who knew a baby face like that could carry stubble? Frankly, it was kinda sexy…had to remind myself he was technically jailbait.) I talked to Ricky, who was extremely smiley and friendly but wouldn’t give up the goods about the show, and then to Melanie, who looks short and soft and delicate but is one solid mass of muscle; though to be honest, she and I were head to head and she had on these 3 inch heels, so I still may be taller. I made my way over to Marko, who after taking our picture together I professed my undying love for him and try to convince him to “steal” me away from my husband. (He smiled and hugged me, but he just doesn’t understand that I’m half serious. *wink*) I then weaved around to Clarice, who’s REALLY tall and really sweet; Jordan, who really liked my dance school line jacket I wore for the occasion; and Caitlynn, who was reserved but very nice. It was so overwhelming trying to make sure I talked to all of the castmates I had trouble remembering who I didn’t get to, and when I got to Caitlynn it dawned on me that her show partner, Mitchell, was not in the room. I had really wanted to meet him too, but she told me he wasn’t feeling very well and was sitting it out (he later perform the opening cast number, a duet with Caitlynn and his solo before disappearing for the rest of the evening–I’m guessing the weather change got to him, poor baby). After checking and counting faces on my autographed picture, I noticed one guy I had missed who was in my group shot but not the Top 10. I cornered him and took a picture, then apologetically asked him to remind me who he was, as my short-term memory wasn’t working properly at that moment. He said, “That’s OK–I got voted out the first week, so you probably wouldn’t remember me.” “First week” was all the clue I needed, so I’m guessing he was totally floored that with that small hint, I knew he was Nick–and me excitedly shouting his name, jumping up and down, hugging him and saying how glad I was that he, a tapper, was on the tour probably either shot his ego into the stratosphere or scared the hell out of him. In any case I had a great time, and found my way to my seat–at the corner of the stage to the right on the FRONT ROW. A little more off to the side than I usually try to get, but it was FRONT ROW. As in, close enough to see sweat flying off people (and I did see some fly from Missy and Tadd) front row. No complaints from me. 😀

I had been to a few shows, so I was expecting a similar set-up of favorite numbers from the TV competition interspersed with verbal play and introductions from the cast members. What transpired was one of the most amazing dance productions I have ever seen. Yes, I am a huge SYTYCD and Season 8 fan, so them standing on stage reading the phone book would have wowed me–but this was so seamlessly woven together I couldn’t decide whether to snap photos, clap, cheer or simply watch in open-mouthed awe. Each number had a separate interlude that melded into the next–all of the favorite individual and group routines coupled with these spacers made each act its own giant production number. Add to that the pre-taped anecdotal snippets from Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy, and the dazzling scene changes projected on the LED screen backdrops, and it was much like watching a star-studded Broadway revue. It moved so fluidly and beautifully that by the time the announcement came for intermission you felt slightly let down because they had to stop. Of course, sprinkled among all of the duets and group numbers were the individual solos–and for the first time in my memory, that included the two alternates. Who proceeded to tear up the floor. I knew everyone was capable of greatness from their appearances on TV, but I have to give a special shout-out to Nick Young, whose classical-inspired tap solo made me wish I had a red vinyl boot to throw at the stage–or at least a tap oxford. Somebody on Broadway needs to hire this boy. Somebody needs to hire ALL of them, repeatedly, because they were that damn good: Jess, a Broadway dancer, was killing the jive, contemporary and the hip-hop numbers he was in; Jordan’s high-energy combination of technique and booty-shaking in her “Freakum Dress” solo made me say “Beyoncé WHO?”; Clarice and Caitlynn’s extensions were up to HERE; Tadd proved adept at more than just the hip-hop he came in with (and further made me forget his jailbait status when I saw all the muscles in his back–Lord have mercy….); Missy slaying everything but especially blowing up the samba number like a seasoned ballroom pro; Sasha, Marko and Melanie being their usual magical selves; and even Mitchell performing through his illness with grace and style. But I have to admit my surprise and utter delight at Ricky’s transformation. Not that I didn’t think he was a skilled technician, but there was some magic I thought was missing from him during his TV run that some time and seasoning would develop. I don’t know what kind of work he’s been doing to get ready for this tour, but his strength and versatility were OFF THE CHARTS. His solos are always technically brilliant, but it was his star turns in two iconic All-Star numbers (both with Sasha–the Fool of Me contemporary done by Kent and the Misty Blue hip-hop done by Twitch) that showed he means business. In the latter, he was on a nearly equal par with his predecessor–and for me, a HUGE long-time fan and follower of Stephen “Twitch” Boss, to say that about ANYBODY is a huge thing. The last number was a new high-energy group hip-hop where the dancers encouraged the audience to stand and clap along with them.

I made sure to wait outside in the windy cold (this time minus the sunlight) and tell all of the dancers what I just said above…plus apologize to Missy for not giving her equal time at the meet and greet, AND try to convince Marko one more time to come back for me after the tour. 😉 To say this show was utterly amazing, inspirational and life-changing, for me, would be a gross understatement. I don’t think I have adequate words for how incredibly awesome that entire performance was. I will definitely be either a permanent audience member or will find a way to get on the stage crew–even if I have to sweep up sequins. Those 12 kids–their entire top 20, in fact–have a fan for life, and Nigel Lythgoe–now more than ever–has my undying gratitude.

Miranda’s HEIGHTS score brings together old friends popular and theatre music

Because dammit, you KNEW that I would!

Miranda’s HEIGHTS score brings together old friends popular and theatre music.

An open love letter to Chuck Lorre

(Chuck Lorre is the writer/producer of various television programs, including Grace Under Fire, Dharma and Greg, Two and a Half Men, Mike and Molly, and The Big Bang Theory, to name a few. All are brilliant and to varying degrees hold a place in my heart and TV viewing time. As Mr. Lorre seems to have steadfastly shunned most social network and electronic avenues, and as I have yet to find a direct mailing address for him, I shall have to wax obsessive here.)

Dear Mr. Lorre,

I adore you. I first fell in love with your biting wit during Dharma and Greg and my first flash of vanity card. I began to record the show as I watched it for the simple pleasure of reading the vanity cards…and this was in the pre-DVR days when you had to take a chance on whether or not your VHS tape was going to get eaten by the machine. Now don’t get it twisted—I came for the show…the cards were just a delightful bonus. Odd, quirky and funny has always been on my list of turn-ons, and when I discovered that you had a much larger body of work—including stuff I already loved—my heart skipped a beat. And then came The Big Bang Theory. You know that expression “blow in my ear and I’ll follow you anywhere”? Well, just call me Shadow and consider us going steady. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my beloved nerd kingdom would get a major network spotlight AND be so wildly popular. And the fact that we’ve reached season FIVE with no signs of slowing down is completely, mind-shatteringly AWESOME.

I so wish there was a way for me to tell you this personally, as the only web connection to you I have is your website of vanity cards—which I still visit to read and re-read (especially the censored ones—I love your perverse streak). If I can figure out a way to get you to hire me—for anything: gofering proofreading, counting paper clips or general genuflecting—I will somehow get copies of whatever version will admit me into your inner circle delivered to you, along with pics of me in a Starfleet uniform if that will sway you. I simply desire to be in the presence of your brilliance as it passes and dare hope that a meager fragment chances upon me.

Sincerely yours,

A Devoted Fan

P.S. I think it’s criminal that you have yet to garner any direct accolades for your genius—sure, the various academies have rewarded some of the expertly cast actors with nominations and a few wins, but it’s not the same as writing or producing nods…after all, they couldn’t very well win anything if you didn’t give them something to say. I, uh, *ahem* am particularly adept with a crowbar should you need someone to pull a Tonya Harding on somebody. Not that we would resort to such an action—I’m just saying….

*geek swoon*

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