‘Dear Mr. Hamilton…’ Hypable says happy trails to Lin-Manuel Miranda | Hypable


They said everything I would have said had I been able to put a coherent thought together last week….


How Lin Manual Miranda’s Hamilton foregrounds the pleasure and power of words.

I will never not share Hamilton thinkstuff. Everyone needs to make space in their brains for Hamilton thinkstuff.


Lin-Manuel Miranda Wins 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Hamilton – TheaterMania.com

I am not at all surprised, especially since I stopped doubting Lin’s vision on things. This is such a magnificent honor!



courtesy of The Pulitzer Prizes organization

Pop Culture Happy Hour: ‘Hamilton’ : Monkey See : NPR

These are all the things I try to say when I take about this show…when people commiserate about astronomical tickets prices and not seeing the original cast. The show is bigger than those little details–and yes, I guess those of us in the rarities air can say that without aching a little–it is, as Jefferson says about Hamilton, a host unto itself. It exists, and it’s beautiful in all of its forms. Embrace it however you are able.


From the Zig Ziglar Vault: This is the single greatest piece of advice for someone facing a divorce – Ziglar Vault

I haven’t done a Marriage Minded Monday post in a while (and yes, I realize it’s Tuesday), but this was a pretty good one. Take special note of the definition of “friend”….


‘Hamilton’ Wins Kennedy Prize for Historical Drama – NYTimes.com

More to be proud of….


Lin-Manuel Miranda is in the show – EdTA – Educational Theatre Association

Again, sharing because I have to….


#YayHamlet: What Shakespeare and Broadway’s Biggest Hit Have to Do with Each Other

Reblogging simply because I have to….and the analysis is so crazy on point.


American Shakespeare Center Blog

A few weeks ago, when I was participating in the “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” event at the Alden Theatre, the panel took a question from a man who complained that students today don’t understand Shakespeare because their language skills just aren’t up to the task, that they can’t process the complexities of vocabulary and syntax, and that modern English has degraded in quality and variety.

Now, while I have many problems with the state of modern education, I nonetheless felt compelled to stand up on behalf of my people, the young’uns (never mind that I’m on the verge of no longer sharing a generation with high schoolers). Modern English is no less complex than Shakespeare’s early modern English — in fact, in many ways it’s become more flexible and facile. Students are perfectly capable of using language in elaborate ways. They’re just not used to Shakespeare‘s elaborate ways.


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VIDEO: “Kwanzaa is a Joke with Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson” | YouTube

I was all set to go in on this, especially in light of the allegations I’ve recently heard regarding Dr. Karenga and the civil rights counterintelligence efforts. But I did watch the whole thing and I was pleased with the attention given. It’s a simplistic introduction to the holiday, and I encourage you to take a look.

Lin-Manuel Miranda Discusses “Creative License” in Hamilton (Video) – Playbill.com


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