Trashy Treasures

Home of the pages and blogs that interest, influence and challenge me….and some other stuff that just straight tickles my fancy. (List, as always, is a work in progress)


The Respect Dare
Black ‘n Bougie
Day Of The Girl
Angry Pear (my new favorite obsession)
Pyjammy’s Triplets
Girl On The Contrary
The Redneck Princess
My Inner Chick
Cassie Behle: Redefining life’s perceptions
writer’s block (aka Cappy’s World)
I Breathed Again
Mirror, Mirror…Off The Wall
Dance Advantage
It’s Kenton (the musical fabulosity that is Kenton Chen)
Le Bella Vita Designs, LLC (one of my former dance students–SO proud!)
Francis Factor Communication and Entertainment (and by extensions, his blog)
The Sassy Curmudgeon

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