So You Think You Can Dance

Dance’s best season ever


Season 9’s Time to Shine? A Look at the SYTYCD Top 20

SYTYCD Season 9: Handicapping the Contestants

SYTYCD Season 9, Week 1–Coming Out of the Gate

SYTYCD Top 20, Week 2–The Eliminations Begin

In Conversation with So You Think You Can Dance Bollywood Choreographer Nakul Dev Mahajan

SYTYCD, Top 16, Week 3–Now Comes the Hard Part

SYTYCD Season 9—Play It Again, Nigel

So You Think You Can Dance’s Top 20 Dish on Last Week’s Show |

SYTYCD Season 9, Week 4–Back To Reality

SYTYCD Top 14, Week 5—Going For the Gold

SYTYCD, Week 6, Top 10—The All-Stars Are Out Tonight

SYTYCD Week 7, Top 8—Review, Interrupted (or Parent/Teacher Night)

SYTYCD Week 8, Top 6—Fighting For The Title

SYTYCD Week 9, Top 4—The Final Opus

Defining “Gravity”: Two Takes on a Fan Favorite


SYTYCD Finale—Tours de Force

SYTYCD Season wrap-up

SYTYCD—Handicapping the Live Tour

SYTYCD—Little Dancehall on the Grand Prairie

Simply Grand–The SYTYCD Live Tour 2012

SYTYCD Live Tour 2012–Playing the Superfan Game

SYTYCD—Team Ballet’s Road to Reign


Perfect 10: Time to DANCE!

X Marks the DANCE Spot: Meet Season 10′s Top 20

SYTYCD Season 10: Handicapping the Contestants

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 1: Putting On The Glitz

SYTYCD—Why Cyrus Matters

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 2: Don’t Be Cruel

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 3: (Into The) Fire and (Soul on) Ice

SYTYCD Season 10–Time To Get Back


SYTYCD Season 10, Week 4: Making Transitions

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 5: All Tapped Out

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 6: Injured Reserve

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 7: DANCE is a Battlefield

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 8: Last Call

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 9: People’s Choice

SYTYCD Season 10, Week 10: Tall and FAMY, For The Win! (4TW)


SYTYCD 11–The Audition Diaries, Part 1

SYTYCD 11–The Audition Diaries, Part 2

SYTYCD 11–The Audition Diaries, Part 3

SYTYCD 11–The Audition Diaries, Part 4

SYTYCD 11 Audition Diaries–The Callbacks

SYTYCD Season 11, Top 20–All About the Digits

</SYTYCD 11, Top 20–Dropped Calls

SYTYCD 11, Top 18–Checkmate

SYTYCD 11, Top 16–Broken Outlaws

SYTYCD 11, Top 14–Ten at 11

SYTYCD 11, Top 10–Counting (All) Stars

SYTYCD 11, Top 8–Dancing Machine

SYTYCD 11, Top 6–Boogie Nights and Technicolor Dreams

SYTYCD 11, Top 4–Gimme the 4-11

SYTYCD 11 Finale–Victor Victorious: The Ricky Redemption

DANCE Opens in the Big Easy–SYTYCD 11 Live Tour


Next Stage (vs. Street): SYTYCD Season 12 Begins

Motor (City) Skills: SYTYCD Season 12 Auditions–Detroit

Stars of Stage and Street: SYTYCD Season 12 Auditions–Los Angeles

Back to the Big Apple: SYTYCD Season 12 Auditions–New York City

Tightening Up the Teams: SYTYCD Season 12 Callbacks, Part 1

Leaving Las Vegas: SYTYCD Season 12 Callbacks Part 2 and Top 20 Revealed

Battle Lines Drawn! SYTYCD Season 12, Week 1

Man Down! SYTYCD Season 12, Week 2 Hollywood

The Total Package: SYTYCD Season 12, Week 3 Hollywood

Thinning The Herd: SYTYCD Season 12, Week 4 Hollywood

Ladies’ Night Out: SYTYCD Season 12, Week 5 Hollywood

Js up! SYTYCD Season 12, Week 6 Hollywood

Clash of the Titans: SYTYCD Season 12, Week 7 Hollywood

Everybody Hurts Sometimes: SYTYCD Season 12, Week 8 Hollywood

Fatal Four-way: SYTYCD Season 12 Performance Finale

Champion On Tap: SYTYCD Season 12 Finale

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