Kwanzaa 2013: Day 2–KUJICHAGULIA

[This Kwanzaa I have incorporated the profession of my Christian faith with the celebration of my heritage and community. Kwanzaa, by nature, is not tied to any one faith, but as the parallels between the Seven Principles and many Christian teachings are strong, I try to recognize both in my personal observance. I hope that no matter what your beliefs are regarding theism or religion, you will read on and take away a positive lesson from it to apply to your own life’s journey.]

HAPPY KWANZAA, everyone!

Day 2, December 27 – KUJICHAGULIA (self-determination)
We learn about and celebrate the traditions that help us define ourselves.

Ani Bere A Enso Gya , patience, self-containment, self-discipline and self-control

Ani Bere A Enso Gya
patience, self-containment, self-discipline and self-control

Philippians 14:3
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Matthew 24:13
But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

Life’s Application:

  • Thinking of giving up? DON’T!
  • Do you need strength? Ask for it!

One of the most striking traits of Black people (my term of preference) is the ability to endure and persevere in the face of hardship. The author spotlights this in her look at today’s principle: “As Christians, we are called both persevere and endure the course journey of life. God’s grace allows us to endure afflictions happily. This seems IMPOSSIBLE–to HAPPILY ENDURE! With Jesus, we are able to count it all joy when tests, trials and tribulations arise.” In short, how we handle the things in our lives helps to define our identity and our character.

Lord, help me to keep going and to pick up broken pieces. Make me whole again. I ask, Look at me today; have mercy and grace upon me! In the Name of Jesus we pray, Amen.

(Affirmations and devotions courtesy of the book Kwanzaa for Christ, by C. D. Holmes-Miller )


As always, you can revisit any other Kwanzaa posts on the Kwanzaa page of this blog!


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    The second day of Kwanzaa, highlighting Kujichagulia, or self-determination.


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