Habari Gani? Kwanzaa begins

No sense in re-typing what’s essentially unchanged–Happy Kwanzaa 2013! Habari Gani?


12/21/2012–HI Y’ALL! It seems this post has drawn a great deal of interest in the last month. I have all of my Kwanzaa posts stashed on this page if you want to read further, and I will certainly do updated posts every year as I learn more. Thanks for reading!

If there was any doubt about whether the title of this blog was a literal description, this’ll learn ya. LOL

I am reprinting this old Facebook note of mine to get you ready for this week…each day for the next seven days I will go a little more depth about the day’s principle. I am always learning more about Kwanzaa and expanding my celebration of it, so I will begin this year’s observance by sharing it with all of you.


Okay….let me preface this by saying I am not the foremost expert on Kwanzaa. I have yet to do…

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