30 Days of Facebook: The JDRF Challenge 2013

Today is the beginning of Diabetes Awareness Month, and I have a few ways to share this year. One of them involves donating your Facebook status to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) for 30 consecutive days. I started mid-September and finished a few weeks ago, and I also shared them on my Instagram account at the same time.  I figured I’d re-share those pics this month.


Insulin is a hormone that is important for metabolism and utilization of energy from the ingested nutrients – especially glucose. It causes the cells in the liver, muscle, and fat tissue to take up glucose from blood and convert it to glycogen that can be stored in the liver and muscles, prevents the utilization of fat as an energy source, and controls other body systems and regulates the amino acid uptake by body cells.

Insulin is synthesized in significant quantities only in beta cells in the pancreas. It is secreted primarily in response to elevated blood concentrations of glucose. Insulin thus can regulate blood glucose and the body senses and responds to rise in blood glucose by secreting insulin.

Since insulin controls the central metabolic processes, failure of insulin production leads to a condition called diabetes mellitus. There are two major types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. Type 1 diabetes occurs when there is no or very low production of insulin from the pancreatic beta cells. Patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus depend on external insulin (most commonly injected subcutaneously) for their survival. In type 2 diabetes mellitus the demands of insulin are not met by the amount produced by the pancreatic beta cells. This is termed insulin resistance or ”relative” insulin deficiency. These patients may be treated with drugs to reduce their blood sugar or may eventually require externally supplied insulin if other medications fail to control blood glucose levels adequately.

Information coutesy of News-Medical.Net, Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD

A note about the odd post time: All of my posts will hit at 11:14 a.m.–the reason being that November 14 is National Diabetes Awareness Day. If you can, in a show of support on this date and every Friday in November, wear something blue to spotlight this cause.


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