Bag Lady Intervention

So funny, so true and so upset I didn’t come up with this one myself!

Life in the Boomer Lane


Life in the Boomer Lane recently read a cry for help that a woman posted on Vibrant Nation. Her life was being ruined by the size of her purse and the amount of stuff in it. The weight of the purse was creating a physical problem, and her husband refused to stick his hand in it to help her find anything. She routinely had to dump the entire contents of her purse onto the seat beside her in the car, to find whatever she was looking for.

After having watched enough episodes of Hoarding: Buried Alive, LBL knows that she wouldn’t be good at this kind of thing on a large scale. When faced with mountains of crap that people have collected, and kitchens filled with half-eaten TV dinners and extended families of roaches and rodents, she would not, like the Professional Hoarder Organizer, pick up one item…

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