Old Friends, New Prospects


Two years ago ABC broke my heart.

I spent a great deal of my life, between my grandmothers and even my father, immersing myself into the lives of the denizens of Pine Valley and Llanview, Pennsylvania. The fictional homes of All My Children and One Life To Live were about to be no more, as someone in management decided to take these decades-old fan mainstays off the air. The fans–myself included–railed back loudly. A savior in the guise of Prospect Park gathered up the rights for the two shows after their final airings and, amidst almost as much drama as the shows themselves offer, manage to find an online platform to relaunch. And so, on Monday, April 26, the fans’ prayers have been answered, and our TV families are back in the mix. Anyone with access to Hulu.com, HuluPlus or iTunes can once again tangle with the Lords, Mannings, Martins, Chandlers, Hubbards and the venerable Erica Kane.

And this ecstatic viewer can finally watch the finales that have been holed up on her TiVo. To a new era with old friends!

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