Tonight’s Menu–Steak or Pi?

What's cooking tonight?

What’s cooking tonight?

So, today’s March 14th and there’s a couple of different camps working today….

The Valentine’s Day cynics (read: guys) sick of the hearts and flowers and massive commercialism of the holiday figured they’d stake (no pun intended) their claim a month later with Steak and BJ Day.  Basically, it’s a matter of two parties, ahem, getting a healthy serving of hot beef.

However, the math nerds already grabbed hold of today with National Pi Day. The ubiquitous equation has been around since the fifth century, and the date itself lends more significance in this case than with the anti-Valentine’s railing.

So, while I’m sure the general male population is hoping for their just desserts today, I have the feeling that it’ll be just dessert.

Happy Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!


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  1. illlustr8tedman27
    Mar 20, 2013 @ 19:15:09

    On the one hand, National Pi Day is BORING. On the other hand, it’s been seven years since I found out about Steak and BJ day and I have yet to get a steak OR a bj on that day, so I’m a little jaded about it. But I think I’ll keep hope alive and continue to celebrate the latter and not the former LOL!


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