The ROOTS of a Rising Star

Folks, you know if I’m posting a YouTube video, I must think a whole lot of it to share it. This may be my most important one.

The Roots Of Music, a community organization that gives schoolkids in New Orleans the opportunity to learn music and stay active and occupied with something positive, is being honored by StubHub as their inaugural Rising Star. These kids were recently blessed with a marching berth in the 2013 Tournament of Roses Parade–probably the first time many of these kids have traveled from home (for a trip that didn’t involve running from a hurricane). And they are GOOD, too. They gave high-school/college marching band caliber performances–and the oldest child I believe is in 8th grade. EIGHT GRADE, PEOPLE. Anyway, a big part of this honor involves StubHub’s generous offer to donate $1 for every YouTube view of this video through midnight on Superbowl Sunday (February 3, 2013). Many of our school arts programs’ funding is being cut, so anything that can augment an arts education and appreciation program AND keep kids busy and productive in an environment that promotes anything BUT that is a good idea. So if you could do us the large favor of viewing this video as often as possible, AND sharing it with as many people as you can, that would be the greatest favor EVER. Please help us to help our kids succeed.

P.S. This is extra personal to me, as one of my honorary nephews is a member of this band. Please do what you can to help. THANKS!



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