Keeping it 200

Never could have made it without y'all.....

Never could have made it without y’all…..

From the first default “Hello world!” through article reposts, pictures, videos, rants, social commentary and general slices of my all-over-the-place life, I have somehow, in this almost 2 full active years of blogging, reaches my 200th post. It’s pretty cool, actually, since days ago I got my 10,000 page hit and I’m managed to interest 70-something people (plus 59 on Facebook) in reading what I have to say…and liking it from time to time. I’m starting to get a better feel for where I was to take this blog, and some of the things I want it to be. Plus, in the spirit of the New Year’s arrival, I’ve come up with a few blog resolutions:

    1. I resolve to keep the Marriage Minded Mondays going. I know I need some help in strengthening and uplifting my marriage, and I’m sure a lot of other people out there could use some new perspectives, as well. And even if you aren’t married, you can at least get some tips on how to relate to others or even how to relate to your married friends who might need a sympathetic ear.
    1. I resolve to try to be more conscious of current events. That one is gonna be hard, as I have spent a good part of my television career working at news stations and pointedly ignoring the newscasts for anything other than broadcast technical quality and REALLY hard to ignore stories. Plus, that’s what my news junkie husband and best friend are for….
    1. I resolve to create a more active atmosphere for discussion. I appreciate that folks take time to read my (often long-winded) blogs, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive praise and kudos. The love from Eliana Girard, Cole Horibe and Lin-Manuel Miranda (whose tweet of my Hamilton review still tops my stats as the busiest day) still has been psyched, and I’m really pleased when you guys ring in on the comments. I don’t know—I guess I’m greedy. As much as I want to continue sharing my thoughts with you, I’d really like to hear more from y’all as well. Even my spam has gone back to being boring….
    1. I resolve to open myself up a little more on here. I’ve already opened up a vein or two and passed along a few of my interests and opinions but I’d like to share a little more of myself with you guys. Not too much, though—my mother DOES actually read my blog and there are still a couple of things I’m saving until she’s dead. Or too senile to read. (Not wishing EITHER on you, Mom…. :-D)
    1. I resolve to find a good balance to maintain all of this, as I try to balance blogging and real life. Particularly since I’ve been wanting to better develop my spiritual journey blog, Practicing Christian. How I’m going to actively maintain TWO blogs and a real world existence is beyond me, but I hope I’m up for the challenge.
    1. I resolve to keep passing along new projects and interviews with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Oh come, on, y’all have been reading a while—you HAD to expect this one….
  • Thanks for getting me here, everyone….I’ll try to keep you interested.


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