Am I BLUE! Today, you be too!

Today, November 14, is World Diabetes Awareness Day. True, in terms of publicity it’s not quite as sexy as say, breast cancer or AIDS. But considering that according to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes kills more Americans per year than AIDS and breast cancer combined, it’s about time we gave this disease its due attention…and to those who live with it every day, our support. Two things we can start with:

    Wear something blue today. Or put on the blue light–there are many monuments and prominent buildings around the world illuminating in blue for tomorrow, so while a $6 light bulb might be a small act, it’s a start.


    Become a Type 1 Diabetic (or T1D) for one day this month. Sponsored by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, this challenge will give you a virtual glimpse into the day in the life of an insulin-dependent diabetic. Here’s what to do:

T1D For a Day …

Throughout November, we’re asking people to better appreciate what people with type 1 diabetes (T1D) experience every day, every hour by taking part in a unique mobile-based challenge: T1D for a Day.

When you sign up for the T1D for a Day text challenge, you agree to receive as many as 24 text messages over a 24-hour period that simulate the constant blood sugar testing, insulin injections, and dietary decisions that confront people with T1D.

While no virtual campaign can recreate the many needles required or the physical and financial tolls of this serious disease, T1D for a Day seeks to deepen understanding of the many heroic steps our friends and loved ones with T1D take each day.

Please sign up for the T1D for a Day challenge now … just text T1D4ADAY to 63566. You will receive a confirmation text that completes your registration.

Before the month is out I’ll follow up with my own response to the challenge, and an in-depth conversation with a friend of mine who is an advocate–and a 15 year Type 1 diabetic. Stay tuned….and for today, GO BLUE!


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