A word about “Marriage Minded Mondays”

As of this posting I am quickly approaching 8 years of marriage, and I’ve gotta tell you, this is some serious work. I had the extra pleasure of having to do the long-distance marriage thing for 2 ½ years thanks to That 2005 Weather Event That Shall Not Be Named, so building a successful and happy life together has been especially challenging. I will happily take all the help and support I can get, so I decided to regularly post various marriage and relationship-focused blog posts and articles I find on the Web. Primarily for selfish reasons—so I can read them more fully later and revisit them when necessary—but also because I know way too many of my friends and relatives struggling with marriage and way too often, throwing in the towel. I’ve come too close to that possibility myself, and it’s a scary thought. So if I can share some of the resources that give me insight with others who could use the same, I’ll keep reposting and sharing what I find. We can all use all the support we can get.

Visit the Marriage and Family page here….


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