Ladies, Stop Playing Games With Your Heart: Women and Heart Disease

“A healthy heart is a happy heart.”

Flipping through the channels yesterday (Thursday, 10/25), I came across The Dr. Oz Show featuring Rosie O’Donnell. I almost bypassed it until I read the TiVo description of the episode–“Exclusive: Rosie O’Donnell’s First Interview Since The Heart Attack She Never Saw Coming!” This sent a chill of terror through me for two very personal reasons: 1) my husband’s aunt died unexpectedly months before our wedding from heart failure, and 2) I personally was rushed to the emergency room. In my case, it thankfully turned out to be gas, but I will take the embarrassment of that diagnosis juxtaposed against having called an ambulance and staying in the hospital for two days if it means that I am able to type this post today. (Even as I type this I’m experiencing symptoms that I hope are just anxiety, but I am every watchful and will call the doctor if I feel my life is in danger.)


What are YOU thinking?

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