SYTYCD—Handicapping the Live Tour

Last night the 2012 So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour opened in San Diego to a lucky and certainly ecstatic crowd. I’ll be in that number in Grand Prairie in 8 more days, so before all the clandestine YouTube videos start popping up I’m going to give my predictions on what’s happening. (And I won’t be cheating to find out if I’m correct–I’ll wait anxiously until I see the show for myself.)

As I have determined from past experiences and George’s online interview, there will indeed be 12 dancers on the tour–the Top 10 and 2 alternate/swing dancers. Though the producers can and have choose from any of the Top 20 (as evidenced last year with Missy and Nick), the norm has tended to lean toward the official Top 12. Since this year’s eliminations went from the Top 14 to the Top 10, our choices based on that theory would be Janelle Issis, Amelia Lowe, Dareian Ajawa and Matthew Kazmierczak. Out of those four and based on what dances I think will be performed, the most versatile of those to me would be Amelia and Matthew. Matthew’s height and technique and Amelia’s quirk are strong influences, plus their partnerships with confirmed Top 10 dancers give them a great edge.

After scouring the season for the dances I like, the dances the judges loved and the ones the audiences reacted most actively to, I have come up with a list of possibilities. I’m going to start with my wish list, highlighting the numbers I expect to see on the tour in bold (finale numbers usually being givens, they’ll also be in italics):

“Turning Page” — Sleeping At Last: Tiffany and George – Sonya Tayeh Contemporary
“Run and Tell That” — Hairspray (Original Broadway Cast): Eliana/Cyrus – Broadway (Tyce Diorio)
“Unstoppable” — E.S. Posthumus: Lindsay/Cole – Paso Doble (Jason Gilkison)
“I Want to Be Loved by You”—Sinéad O’Connor: Tiffany/George – Foxtrot (Melanie LaPatin and Tony Meredith)
“Tandav Music”—Aatish Kapadia: Witney/Chehon – Bollywood (Nakul Dev Mahajan)
“Wild Horses”—Charlotte Martin: Lindsay/Cole – Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
“I Will Always Love You”—Whitney Houston: Witney/Chehon – Contemporary (Stacy Tookie)
“Toxic”—District 78 feat. Cheesa: Eliana/Cyrus – Hip-Hop (Nappytabs)
“Gravity”—Sara Bareilles: Cole and Lindsay Mia contemporary redux
“The Cool World Stomp”—Mark Isham: Top 11 group (Gene Kelly tribute)
“Sing It Back”—Moloko: Witney (Travis Wall jazz)
“Dancin’ Dan” (Me and My Shadow) from Fosse: Lindsay (Spencer Liff Broadway)
“Sincerely, Jane”—Janelle Monáe: Audrey (Dave Scott lyrical hip-hop)
“Run Boy Run”—Woodkid: Top 8 contemporary (Peter Chu contemporary [Eastern/Asian])
“Breathing Below Surface”—Jesse Cook: Chehon (Miriam and Leonardo tango)
“Scream”—Kelis: Top 6 Sonya Tayeh Jazz
“Eli, Eli” (A Walk to Caseara)—Sophie Milman: Tyce Contemporary (Chehon and the suitcase)
“No Nothing”—Curtis & Reinhard feat. Blaire: Ray Leeper lyrical jazz (Witney’s wedding)
“When You’re Good to Mama” from Chicago: Eliana/Tiffany (Ray Leeper Burlesque/Broadway pole dance)
“Leave” from Once: Chehon (Stacey Tookie contemporary)

I’ve also determined a few possibilities based on the swing choices:

“That Man”—Caro Emerald
Jonathan Roberts foxtrot (Eliana as bored housewife)

This was a really cute number, and Matthew’s height and posture would be perfect for this.

“Badder Badder Schwing”—Freddy Fresh feat. Fatboy Slim
Mandy Moore jazz (Cyrus Fossesque piece)

Totally cute, and I could so see Amelia in this.

“The Lovecats”—The Cure
Amelia/Will – Hip-Hop “Character Pop”

All bashing regarding the Dumpster aside (come on, people! I’m sure they didn’t just dump the trash and pull it onstage….), this was the most fun number of the season. And since there’s not too many numbers Will was in that got spotlighted, AND this was a finale judges’ pick, this makes a bigger case for Amelia being a swing dancer.

“Romantic Inclinations/Like A Shot/Fury”—P. Mottram, S. Everitt, G. Shadid, T. – Meet The Top 20 Ballet
The number was straight up badass, and since they did the long shot thing with alternates last season, my fervent wish of seeing Daniel get a tour berth would come true.

“Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”—Nancy Sinatra or “Without You”—Harry Nilsson
Either of the Eliana contemporaries with Alex Wong

Bang Bang was selected for the finale, so I’m figuring either Chehon or Cole might have gotten tagged to do this one. Although George is a pretty awesome contemporary genius….

“Dance My Pain Away” (District 78 remix)—Wye Oak
Will (Dave Scott hip-hop)

If on the off-chance Amelia doesn’t show up on this tour (which is highly unlikely, IMO), each top 10 dancer has to get one of their duets to the stage, and this is the only other number that got a judges’ rave.

These are finale judges’ picks that I didn’t expect:

“My Homies Still”—Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean
Witney hip-hop w/ Twitch

This had the nerve to be catchy. Can’t figure out who would do it with her, ’cause Twitch is on a workshop tour right now.

“You Make Me Feel…” (Disco Fries remix)—Cobra Starship feat. Sabi
Tiffany disco (Brandon)

The only bit of disco this season, I could see them giving this to George.

“Unchained Melody”—The Righteous Brothers
Audrey/Matthew contemporary (Travis Wall “Titanic” piece)

A pick that would justify Matthew being on the tour.

“The Power of Love”—Celine Dion
Tiffany contemporary (Ade)

Epic overdramatic and contemporary. Usually a tour shoo-in. But with no Ade, it would probably go to Chehon for the strength factor involved in all those lifts.

“Like a Criminal”—District 78
Cyrus Animation (Twitch)

Totally awesome. But it’d have to be a solo–I can’t see ANYBODY out of the Top 20 doing this one, and unless Joshua or Russell are free, it ain’t happening.

I’ll have all my answers in 8 more days–if you’re nice to me, I’ll share them as soon as I get back. 😉


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  1. CAG
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 23:51:12

    Oh good! Someone who is going to the tour and can give us a review! Can’t wait. I’ll be back!


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