I’m the DJ, Dad’s the Rapper…AcE, Jaden and Willow Join Musical Forces

So this pops up in my Facebook feed on Jada’s birthday Tuesday:

I’m digging it. OK, so it’s not scintillating, social relevant lyrical content or sweepingly intricate, hauntingly beautiful orchestrations. It’s a club banger–and a pretty good one at that. With the video being directed by Jada and produced by Will, it’s an all-out family affair.

However, I do have some small issues with the video:

1) Willow’s ballet form is SICK! Those classes are paying off.
2) Jaden now looks more like his daddy than ever before. Especially with the haircut and when he’s “shuffling.” (NOTE: Younguns, we called that the “Running man” when we did it DECADES ago. Damn, did I just call myself OLD?!?)
3) DAHECK did that deep A voice come from?!? Y’all know I ain’t ready for this!
4) Whycome Trey no say nuthin’?

I need to do some more research on the name–my guess is that Willard Christopher Smith III figured he was gonna be number one SOMEWHERE, so as the first Smith kid he gets to be AcE. The blended talents of the Smith progeny makes me smile. I just hope I don’t have to jump stupid with too many haters…they’re already spouting various levels of crap regarding sexualizing children (Jaden’s bare chest and six-pack and Willow’s “provocative” poses in a “skintight” unitard) and Jaden’s “off-key” voice (what key is it again that RAP is sung in?) and I’ve had to politely shoot folks down.

Don’t mess with my adopted play-fam…..


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