Dude, Stop Being So Literal!

To all my friends in the online ether, I’ll see you on the other side of this thing. Don’t worry–soon we’ll be making another run.

–from Come Aboard…We’re Expecting You…

So this drunk buzzard meandered all up and down the Gulf Coast slow as molasses and left most of us without power for several days and flooded a lot of others. NOW I’m hearing that the system has somehow drifted BACK into the Gulf of Mexico, with the potential to become Nadine if it develops into a named storm. Really, mayn?!? I mean, I do have a generator now AND most of the bad food’s been cleaned out of my fridges, but I’mma need you to take your shore leave elsewhere. And if you DARE fiddle with my next two weeks of So You Think You Can Dance, I’m comin’ outside with a leaf blower and blasting you out of my city myself.

Not today, sister…..


Nadine Ellis image courtesy watchgmctv.com
Nadine the Mermaid photo courtesy of comicnadine.blogspot.com


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