SYTYCD, Top 16, Week 3–Now Comes the Hard Part

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The Top 16 took the stage last week for the third competitive week, and I’ve included my real-airtime reactions coupled with my observations from watching it several more times to make sure I didn’t miss anything:

Top 16 – Contemporary (Tyce Diorio)

I said that was either Mia or Tyce….the darker side of Charlie Chaplin is how they billed it. I’m still trying to figure out how they shot that—the group number HAS to be done well before the live broadcast, especially to pull off the lone red umbrella in all that black and white.

Guest judge: Christina Applegate. If she hadn’t done Sweet Charity on Broadway, the Kelly Bundy dance episode of Married…With Children would have convinced me she’s qualified. Plus this isn’t her first time at this rodeo.

Tiffany/George – Hip-Hop (Nappytabs)
That explains the ugly hot pink hoodie on George…cute and they stayed together. Nigel loved Tiffany and cracked the whip on George for looking tired toward the end.

Amber/Brandon – Jazz (Ray Leeper)
Very nice! Amber’s spotlight but Brandon hung with her. Chemistry was off the charts.

Janelle/Dareian – Cha-Cha (Pasha Kovalev)
Dareian channeled a little Pasha there…and I’m really impressed with that crazy lift. Mary trashed their form A LOT. I could see some difficulty in the transitions but it was decent. All three judges were unduly hard on Dareian about his non-working arm—though Christina was kinder (and closer) about the placement issues and took possible choreographer’s choice into account. Janelle’s performance level was a lot better this week.

Lindsay/Cole – Contemporary (Mandy Moore)
OK, Cole is clearly going to be on the tour. He’s been holding out on us regarding his training background—I know he’s had some dance but I think HIS definition of “some” is way different from ours. I will be bold enough to say he may be channeling Alex Wong. Lindsay did well in this style, but again I think Cole was the star of this duo. The overall look reminded me of the Season 6 piece “Two Steps Away” with Katherine and Legend.

Amelia/Will – Jazz (Mandy Moore)
LOVE Amelia’s hair tonight. I really dig Will—dream team is quite accurate, Christina. I kept getting a dancing David Byrne vibe from him. He is really dancing down his height. I can see shades of Robert Roldan coming out….

Audrey/Matthew – Salsa (Liz Lira)
Nice try, kids. So awkward…the feet were not good and, as Mary said, they looked uncomfortable doing it. Needed to be more fluid and it just wasn’t. I’ll give them a gold star for that last flip, though—plus Audrey was selling the salsa energy much harder than Matthew was (I’m still not totally sold on the girl but I will give credit when it’s due). They’re safe tonight but fan votes will be necessary to save them next week.

Witney/Chehon – Contemporary (Stacey Tookie)
The technique was very good and the judges really loved the piece. Witney is still too young, in my opinion, to channel that kind of emotion—even though the whole romantic/sultry thing is a requirement in ballroom, there’s a different nuance she needs to add to this contemporary that goes along with getting your heart stomped on, and I don’t think she’s there yet. Chehon, on the other hand—I totally bought it. And he had the right balance of control and abandon needed. I think we can look forward to #ninjaballetfusion on the tour if America didn’t stick this pair in the bottom again.

Eliana/Cyrus – Hip-Hop (Nappytabs)
Not a bad job for a ballerina. I think they hit the moves they were taught to hit but their sync was a little off. Even with the hip-hop brought down to Cyrus’s wheelhouse, I’m not sure he nailed this as well as he should have. Those neck isolations were SICK, though—expected, of course, from Cyrus, but Eliana matched him on that.

Bottom 6 for this week:

Lindsay (saved)
Eliana* (saved)
George (saved)
Dareian* (saved)

*picked for solos by the judges

Soft and angular all at the same time, and I thought well done.
First urban gospel piece I’ve heard on this show, and the first time I’ve seen stepping done to it. Solo had its moments—stepping is not an easy thing to flow together especially when you’re trying to throw all manner of tricks in within 30 seconds.
Please. This shouldn’t even have been a debate. America is stupid.
He has clearly been working on his feet, plus the transitions were inspired. Lots of joy there.

Alvin Ailey’s “The Hunt”—SYTYCD, THIS is how you put men in culottes…in the character of the dance without looking less than manly. I kind of wish it had just been shot straight on because the various camera angles didn’t convey all of the nuances in the choreography. Oh well, guess I’ll have to go see Ailey live again. What a hardship.

I’m upset with Amber’s elimination because of the three, it should have been Lindsay, even though her contemporary performance was more believable than Witney’s. Amber did a great solo but pitted against Eliana’s she was doomed from the start. Brandon was kind of obvious of the three called; don’t know WHAT America was smoking putting George in the bottom, and like Nigel said, Dareian pulled out everything and threw it on the floor for that solo.

We get a 2 week reprieve for (I assume) the Olympics, so the projected Bottom 6 when we come back are:

Dareian and/or Cyrus
Janelle or Eliana

Don’t worry, kiddos–I’ll find something to amuse you with for the next two Wednesdays. Maybe I’ll gush about Travis and crew if I can get to Oxygen somehow….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jason Davenski
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 18:07:02

    You’re crazy just like America for putting Eliana in the bottom, she is one of the most talented dancers SYTYCD has seen!


    • dramaqueen1913
      Aug 01, 2012 @ 21:12:59

      And I agree with you sir–as evidenced by my “America is stupid” comment. In my first blog on the season, “Handicapping The Contestants,” I had her pegged to win. I still think she’s capable. But she clearly did not get the votes over some of her lesser capable colleagues, and I fear that her fan base, or lack thereof based on last week’s show, will put her back in the bottom again. I don’t think Nigel is so stupid as to not get her into the Top 10–the furthest the judges can save people–but then again, he axed technically brilliant Amber over merely so-so Lindsay.


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