Planking, move over……

….I think we have a new fad coming.

(This post may well be Girl on the Contrary or Speaker7 worthy….I aspire to greatness.)

It all started when my friend Theresa posted this Facebook status:

Now, being in a cupcake mood at that moment, I could relate, and immediately started drooling and dreaming of all of my area cupcake haunts and how much I DID NOT NEED a cupcake. But just under her status is a comment from her son Nicholas. Now, he’s a good kid, so I know the comment was in jest, but it’s all the more funny because of the following factors: a) Theresa is a teacher and also coaches Nicholas in acting and voice (hence, diction and proper grammar are familiar subjects); b) Theresa and Nicholas maintain the mother-son hierarchy while at the same time enjoy an incredibly humorous back-and-forth; c) Nicholas, for all his good qualities, is a smartypants teenager. Nicholas’s response, and Theresa’s reply:

Now I’m really amused, but I figure it’s my turn to jump in, if only to school young Master Nicholas about arguing with a woman about dessert:

Then, completely out of left field, Theresa’s friend Sarah comes up with a response that I hadn’t even considered…which got me to thinking, and not in a good way:

I mean, can you imagine? Yet another “performance art” type stunt where people pose in crazy positions in crazy locations? Mind-boggling. But still funny.

As I’m posting, I made an uncanny observation about Facebook’s monitoring my conversational bent…

…ummmmm, a little TOO Big Brother for me. At this point, Sarah comes back with an even more frightening suggestion:

I had to shudder. There are enough online examples of DWI (Dressing Without Instructions) without people purposely wearing too-small shirts to expose that nasty, flabby piece of skin and fat hanging over their waistbands. Now I have no problem with a healthy, non-model thin body or a little bit of a pouch—but I do believe in dressing appropriately for your body. I know MY belly is not coming out from under a midriff until I am comfortable that I am not offending the general public. The least the general public can do is afford me the same courtesy.

The mere fact that Theresa’s one short declaration inspired such a hilarious and ridiculous thread tickled me to the point that I had to share with the rest of the world.

Of course, Facebook had to have the last say on our conversation….

*sigh* Now I wanna cupcake……


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mochazina
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 16:53:40

    😀 fuuuuuny!


  2. dramaqueen1913
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 22:01:35

    That’s called a “dunlap.” Your belly “dun lapped” over your pants. LOL


    • dramaqueen1913
      Jul 24, 2012 @ 06:38:36

      Just noticed that statement is credited to me…wish I could take credit for that wit. But now I’m confused–do I have an alter ego posting on my own blog? Gotta adjust the meds…..


  3. evanlaar1922
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 12:01:16

    too funny – love it!


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