Dumbass Diaries part 10

The fact that these are now in the double digits just saddens me….way too much dumbassery in the world.

I have been in love with Billy Crystal all my life. Ever since Jody Dallas on Soap. I didn’t even know what “gay” was–all I knew was that I wanted to marry Jody. When Billy showed up on SNL, I was in heaven–the man was (and still is, for that manner) funny. And a wicked character actor and impressionist. His Sammy Davis, Jr. was so spot on, even Sammy was a fan.

My one regret in my ABC boycott was that I didn’t get to see the 21st century revival of Sammy on the Oscars…but the headlines about it just unnerved me. Instead of being celebrated for bringing back a classic celebrated character performance, he was blasted for wearing blackface and being racist. WHAT?!? Are you SERIOUS?!? The debate got so fierce that Davis’s own DAUGHTER had to come to his defense. I truly weep for today’s overmilitant generation. Fight for a cause, by all means–I applaud that. But know what you’re fighting about….there is a HUGE difference between blackface and a character impression. Particularly one that’s not only classic, documented AND EMBRACED BY THE SUBJECT OF THE IMPERSONATION?!?

This requires the largest dumbass in my inventory…..


What are YOU thinking?

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