Dumbass Diaries part 8

Sometimes I wonder about people in authority….

So, there’s this new school in Utah opening up–voted for their new mascot, FROM A BOARD-APPROVED LIST, and picked their top choice. The School Board rejected their choice and they had to select another mascot. Why? This is why. Their choice was deemed potentially offensive.

This is where political correctness gets outrageously out of hand. Of any group of people, I’d venture to get middle-aged women are tough enough to take a hit. But that’s not even the issue….unless the school mascot is gonna be a pleather-clad 36DD crawling on all fours. Even with all of the school sex scandal headlines, I REALLY doubt anything outside of the Puma concolor was on their minds when considering a mascot….

Seriously, do you REALLY think these Utah kids had the image to the right on their minds?







What are YOU thinking?

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