“My Inner Chick” tells me I need some random thoughts….

One of my favorite new blogs (on the off-chance you haven’t been by the Trashy Treasures page) is My Inner Chick written by my new cyberfriend Kim. She just posted her 15 Random Thoughts, so I thought I’d follow suit:

1. I was a chimney sweep in the parade for the Disney world premiere of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

2. I HAVE to take off my rings to wash my hands. I get ragged on, especially by my sister, about gold withstanding water and not turning green. But that wet patch of skin under the ring just feels gross.

3. It is my life’s dream to get on Jeopardy!, but I have not had any success yet. Despite passing the first test on the first try, it was for the College tourney, and they only choose a very few. Follow that with subsequent “just missed it” tests and the fact that I have rarely managed to work at a non-affiliate station (which makes me ineligible), and I just haven’t gotten there yet.

4. I’ve also developed an interest in burlesque performance. I’d tell you my burlesque name, but I’d have to kill the first person that stole it, and it’s a really cool name I don’t wanna go to jail for.

5. It took me a long time to realize how sneaky early edutainment was. The day I realized those Bugs Bunny cartoon were playing genuine opera and Schoolhouse Rock taught me the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution really blew my mind.

6. I have this odd fascination with kicking toadstools. Anytime it’s especially damp outside and I see a toadstool pop up on someone’s lawn, I launch into Charlie Brown mode and immediately calculate the perfect trajectory to kick that sucker out of there with the perfect arc and without obliterating it.

7. One of my more interesting jobs was a stint as the Easter Bunny. I was purple with loud yellow surf shorts on and some yellow sunglasses on top of my head. Especially fun at that time was that I was also teaching dance, so whenever my students would come to the mall they were amazed that the Easter Bunny knew them by name. 😀

8. I want to have more of an active social life but am not a large fan of clubs, really loud music, or adult people. Don’t get me wrong–some of y’all are OK; I just don’t do face-to-face conversation well.

9. I REALLY want to dance Alvin Ailey’s “Revelations.” Once I can convince somebody to let me in, it’s all good.

10. One of my favorite songs between my dad and I is the “Where, Where Are You Tonight?” song from Hee-Haw. We sing it together all the time–right down to the raspberry.

11. I have no frontal vision in my right eye. Still not sure how it happened, but one day I was seeing spots and the next this big mass of cells rendered me virtually sightless. Driving gets REALLY interesting if something gets in my left eye…..

12. I cannot openly eat a fresh tomato. If it’s a slice on a burger hidden from me or mixed up in sauce, ketchup or salsa, it’s OK. But if I can see it, I’m not gonna eat it….so more often than not, I’ll have to find way to hide it under other food so I don’t see it before it goes into my mouth.

13. I occasionally have an inclination to be a manicurist–but just the natural stuff. Tips, Minx and other specialized stuff requires more patience than I have with that sort of thing.

14. As they are occasional treats for me, I refuse to find out the exact ingredients or assembly processes of the McRib and Wendy’s chili.

15. I had the hardest time coming up with 15 random things…..LOL


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  1. Katlyn Tokay
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 03:10:57

    Awesome writing style!


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