They called me wicked… they’ve done it…..

“This is your 43rd published post. Wicked! This post has 236 words.

My little WordPress message after publishing my latest rant. Now WordPress has got me started–you have no one to blame but yourselves……mwahahahahahaha……

As much as I wax poetic about Lin-Manuel Miranda and the air that he breathes, I do love other musicals and musical theater in general. But the one musical that I love beyond measure (and quite possibly more than LMM) is Wicked. You thought I was hard on the Disney princesses? You REALLY don’t wanna hear me rail about Dorothy, or her little movie either…..

But I digress….

Wicked is based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West and tells that classic Ozzian tale from the witches’ point of view: Galinda (later Glinda), a privileged, popular and somewhat shallow young woman, and Elphaba, a young woman struggling to find acceptance and renown in the face (pun somewhat intended) of discrimination and derision. I own but have yet to fully read the book, but I have ABSORBED all that is to do with the musical adaptation. I did, initially, doubt that it would fly (THAT pun not intended) when I read a Playbill article announcing its development. It listed two of my favorite performers–Idina Menzel (of Rent and Kristin Chenowith (known for her role on The West Wing, among others); I was still skeptical, but I at least knew the singing would be stellar.

And then I saw the Tony Awards.


If you haven’t seen this awe-inspiring, showstopping performance, YouTube it and check it out. Never mind–here ya go:

Sure, after 7 years and a few million times watching it over and over I can be a little nitpicky about breaths and pitch and slight voice cracks…but the passion of that performance is just spellbinding. And THAT pun was not only intentional, but the only adequate word to describe the incredible four minutes displayed there. I mean, I sat frozen and in tears for a LONG time, with fingers aching from backing up the TiVo. I was officially obsessed: bought the CD soundtrack TWICE (somehow wore skips in the first one from continuously playing it in my car), drove to Dallas from Central Louisiana for the sole purpose of seeing the show in person, bought the Maguire novel, the ringtone, the t-shirts…even managed to get the Grimmerie out of my friend for Christmas. My car and email signature carry the mantra of “Defy Gravity,” and I try to channel Elphie whenever someone challenges my individuality. The deeper themes of conformity, censorship and racism hit home for me as well, and hold up a frighteningly accurate reflection of our current world at large.

Go see the show if you can. If nothing else, you’ll appreciate the grand sweeping spectacle of it all, the grandeur and the showmanship. And if you really focus, you just might be tempted to Defy Gravity…and change For Good.*

*Puns ABSOLUTELY intended, as it’s my signature and permanent life mantra.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theo Klohe
    Nov 23, 2011 @ 13:10:43

    nice article, happy i took the time to read it, if you have some similar articles ill be checking back to read them soon.


  2. Goodness and Grit
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 03:40:23

    I still have not seen this production. One of the biggest things I miss about living in Norway is the theater. Oh Oslo has theater, but it isn´t WICKED!

    Enjoyed the post!


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