Trash Prompts, Volume 3

It’s that time again, kiddies….

Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?

Both, actually–though electronic notes are easier to copy and paste into blogs and such, plus they add to my attempts to cure my clutter affliction. It really depends on what’s quickest. I do tend to like to write things on paper for the simple reason that technology has bitten me in the arse a few more times than I’m comfortable with. Y’all have missed out on quite a few brilliant insights because I didn’t save or the battery died or whatever other electronic gremlins attacked on a given day. It also tends to make moving words and phrases around a little easier, and I can do the paper and ink thing anywhere. Plus, I can’t tell you how often having a paper copy of something I had done electronically has saved my butt (3.5″ floppies done on old Macs [especially when I have a PC] and old Jaz/Zip drives [with no reader in sight] are lovely for space but don’t really help me access the info, do they?)….

However, the handwritten notes have been known to succumb to my clutter issue….I have lost good notes in piles of junk and by accidental trashing. I have bought new notebooks from losing the old ones containing the brilliant nuggets that once found WAAAAAAAY later don’t seem so great. And let’s not talk about how the thought looked like junk to someone else and got used as scrap paper or even *shudder* a gum wrapper. I often think faster that I can write, and I can usually make those corrections faster and better electronically. For everyday notes especially, my telephone’s notepad is way more effective than a scrap of paper in the handbag abyss. That is, whenever the device in question doesn’t drop things in transfer when I have to upgrade……

So, I guess I have to be thankful for both. Which should make both halves of my brain deliriously happy. 😀


What are YOU thinking?

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