You can’t make this stuff up (’cause if I say “Seriously?!?” one more time it’s gonna get ugly)

(image credit: Robert Zuckerman)

Wait until she finds out about weight limits.....

I admit to not having seriously traveled in this post-9/11 era–I took a belated honeymoon three years ago, and only this past month in helping my husband pack for a business trip did I encounter the phenomenon of baggage fees (pertaining to both weight and checking). But this goes beyond the ridiculous. I realize you have policies in place and this new culture of fear have severely limited the extend to which a good deed can be performed, but NOBODY in the head office could have made some sort of exception or special arrangement? And what about “San Francisco’s Finest” there? They zeroed in on the “protect” part of their job and totally passed over the “serve.” If not for those nice people opening their hearts and wallets, this poor woman might’ve being marooned indefinitely. At the VERY least U. S. Airways should’ve given her a refund on the baggage and a future flight upgrade….that three-cent* apology was NOT sufficient.

(“three-cent” is about the most polite word I could type in deference to my more sensitive readers–that was most definitely NOT the word that was on my mind….)

I’m really afraid to turn this into a series, but it looks like there’s no shortage of dumbassery for me to rant about. I see why, despite the more cramped seats, hubby prefers to travel Southwest……


photo credit: Robert Zuckerman (from “Confessions of a Shopaholic”)


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  1. writingfeemail
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 17:05:27

    We’ve let the events of one day ruin our lives for more than ten years. It’s time to return to sanity! And airlines should remember than without our dollars, they have a lot of metal just sitting on the ground. This is crazy!


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