No, really….Seriously?

So….PETA’s in an uproar about a sexy naked chicken….there’s couldn’t possibly be anything more inane, right?

Wrong. The latest in the “aren’t there some better things you can worry about?” category is this little gem about a teen breast cancer awareness campaign.

So, okay–the wording’s a little provocative. That’s kind of the point. Of course, the dirtiest of minds are going to find lewdness in what they see if they choose to–but stirring people to be conscious and self-check is a positive thing, and not just for the adults. Upon going to the hospital for a completely unrelated ailment, the doctors found a lump in my left breast after a basic physical examination. I WAS 13 YEARS OLD. Thankfully, it was benign, and it eventually shrank into nothingness (though I could have opted to have it surgically removed)…but if you think it’s scary for an adult to find a large, unknown mass in their body, try being a kid and having it happen. Particularly that kind of mass, at the onset of puberty when GETTING breasts should be the biggest worry rather than possibly finding cancer. I found the slogan catchy and relatable to the intended audience–TEENAGERS.

You prudish adults keep stifling these children….I don’t want to hear a WORD when they stop trying to do things and participate in society and y’all start complaining that you’re tired of carrying the activism mantle by yourselves. Send me a shirt kids, size medium….


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