Trash Prompts, Volume 1

OK, I kinda dig this Plinky thingie–it posts some interesting blog starters. But I have to name this as a series so it looks like I’m actually somewhat creative and brilliant. So begin the Trash Prompts….

List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter….

Performer (specifically dancer)

I think I must have been dancing in the womb–I even apparently worried my mother so much about go to dancing school with my big sister that she put me in just to shut me up. My life seems to run better when I’m dancing, even if it’s fitness-based stuff like Zumba or Pure Barre. But I also would like to do musical theater, or theater period, since my singing voice isn’t all that strong. My job’s hours don’t allow for a lot of this–but change is coming….you can’t tie the performer in you down and expect to be able to breathe.

Nursery school teacher

I love kids. Never wanted to be a teacher (it’s sort of the family business, and I really can’t see five days a week with other people’s kids that I HAVE to take in), but there’s just something about the advanced intellectual level of little people that is always fascinating. I mean, seriously–some of these babies, as the old folks say, have been here before. Between my little cousins and my nephew, the simplistic wisdom that just drops out of their mouths is just priceless. I think this age group is just innocent and open enough to let the molding and shaping go both ways.

Proprietor of a tea room

I wholly admit it–I am a certain level of bourgie. And unashamedly so. I have fallen in love with the idea of High Tea; two local hotels do it, and the fact that I found a tea house in Natchitoches during my 3-year “exile” was a delightful surprise. It’s basically a converted house with semi-Victorian decor, hats on the wall in case you want to wear one, mismatched but beautifully delicate china, and even a costume box for the kids (for arranged parties). With all of the society ladies and Old World style houses available in New Orleans, this idea has to be able to fly. I also would like to convert a van/delivery truck into a mobile tea service, in case someone wants the wherewithal to hold one at a place of their choosing without having to corral all of the accoutrement. (Told you I was bourgie. lol)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. somebody
    Oct 08, 2011 @ 10:49:07

    You could combine all three. You could drink tea and dance while you babysit.


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