The Married Name Game

I read this article a while back and got to thinking about my own name change situation. I have worked in television since the mid-1990s, well before my wedding in 2004. Which means as a production tech, I had amassed a good number of on-air credits under my maiden name. It didn’t hurt that I had a less than usual maiden name that would definitely prove memorable. So it was a given for me that I would use both names after my wedding. My quandary was with how I would do it: hyphenation seemed pretentious (apologies to my sister) for some reason, almost like the hyphen would take away the inherent value of both family names. So maiden as middle seemed to be fine. Occasionally, I do get tired of the large mouthful that is my new legal name, so I just drop my maiden name–particularly in certain phone conversations and transactions (where my maiden and married names get blended sans hyphen without their prior consent).

I just don’t see the big deal with the arguments–choosing to drop or keep one’s maiden name does not seem to be an affront to the other partner; just an amalgam of two identities to identify the one new individual balancing both family heritages. In my case, at least, it makes it easier for the graphics people. 😉


What are YOU thinking?

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