Lin-Manuel, my muse (or Boy crushes part 2)

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Every day I get up and wonder how I’m going to do all of the things I want to do–and whether or not my dreams are not only possible, but worthwhile. And occasionally I get down and lean toward the negative. It’s usually around this time I am reminded of my gifts and possibilities by a stray Tweet, Facebook or YouTube post from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Not since Michael Jackson have I had such a kinship with an artist I’ve never met. Lin-Manuel Miranda, among other things, is the creator and original lead of the Broadway musical In The Heights. And he, as well as the show, is awesome beyond words. Though I have yet to see the entire show in person (hint: if anyone can put a bug in the ears of TPTB at Broadway Across America about starting another tour and bringing it to, say, New Orleans, handle that for a sista, wouldja?), it is one of the most amazing pieces of art I have ever seen and listened to. The blending of traditional theater, hip-hop and Latin flavor is just captivating.

Lin himself appears to be this crazy, nerdy bundle of energy that has all kinds of things to say–basically, my type of guy. I watch his YouTube vids from his childhood and there, but for the lack of a videocamera, is my life. It’s also a plus that much of his humor and expression is highly cerebral–got a BIG heart-on for smart guys. 😉 Doesn’t hurt that he shows up on Electric Company occasionally, either….

One has to be a mad artistic genius to craft a realistic picture of Latino life, an intelligent but hip recital of the life of Alexander Hamilton and the virtues of hard and soft G. But I think it’s the heart of that 9-year-old little boy that really makes me love him (don’t worry–my husband, his wife and the fact that theoretically I’m old enough to be his mother keeps that at simple hero worship). Clearly a fan of social media and nurturing talent, he found a young man named Nicholas Dayton (aka BroadwayKidd…a very cool and extremely talented young man, BTW) on YouTube performing song from the ITH soundtrack. A typical response one might expect is some show merch and some autographs….

This is SO next level–who DOES stuff like this?!? I don’t know if he reminds me of Willie Wonka or the Wizard–fan and mastermind and mad genius all in one person. Yet somehow he seems to remain so humble and honest and REAL…. *sigh* I sound like a stalker. I can’t help it–he’s just so amazing. He could ask to burn down my house and I’d hand him the matches and can of gasoline and watch in fascination.

My world is much brighter because his star blazes through it…..can’t wait for the next nugget of genius.

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  3. trishpip
    Sep 26, 2011 @ 18:23:56

    Me too! To almost all of this! I can’t watch something Lin’s done without feeling a big swell of emotion I would call love. Not physical love.. as you say, I am old enough to be his mother if I had started young. 🙂 I am proud of him as if he were my favorite little brother, though. He brings so much joy to my life just by being Lin and sharing his creativity with the world.


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