License to parent?

A few days ago I read a story about yet another mother leaving her kids in a hot car, and it raises questions for me again regarding policing people’s rights to be parents. Summertime is HOT. Cars in summertime are REALLY hot–you’ve got to be able to figure that out when you first get into the car and rush to turn on the A/C. Leaving BABIES in hot cars is just criminal. Rather than throw these idiots in jail, perhaps they should be sentenced to spending their own quality time locked in a sweltering car. It’s stories like this that make me wonder whether or not people should have to take classes and be licensed to be parents (or even to procreate in the first place–thought THAT particular thought, borrowed from my father, is usually expressed a touch more crudely). So many instances of child neglect and usually from parents who are still basically children themselves–somehow these new-school parents need education and support in order to successfully raise these babies beyond single digit ages.


What are YOU thinking?

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