Boy crushes

Yes, I’m married…and I still have them. LOL

Just been surfing and YouTubing and watching stuff this weekend, and got re-acquainted with some of my favorite people.  And as they are all so much younger than me as to be affectionately termed “jailbait,” I will officially dub them my Boy Crushes–grown men or not.

Peter Hollens, Kenton Chen and Therry Thomas (my Sing-Off boy crushes):

I watch and re-watch clips from this past season–although I was quite enamored with the first season, this second season was exceptional in terms of talent.  I was pretty impressed with all of the groups, and save for a few obvious misses with some performances, it was really hard to find a bad singer in the bunch.  Three of my most favoritest groups (yes, as a matter of fact I DID mean to type that) were Committed, The Backbeats and On The Rocks (how do you not love a bunch of college boys doing Lady Gaga and still being manly?), and while I love the groups as a whole, there were a few that stood out that I could stalk–er, subscribe to and follow on YouTube.

Peter Hollens, a bigger musical mastermind than I knew,  impressed me on the show with his vocals but really won me over with his lead performance on OTR’s rendition of “Kyrie.” Being an 80s kid myself (and having a MAJOR crush on Mr. Mister’s lead singer), Peter had me at the hair before he even sang a note. 😀 Anywho, this “kid” is a genius producer! He’s done a few new arrangements of popular songs, and has cut a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Pray” for download in support of Japan’s tsunami and earthquake victims, featuring epic beatbox queen Courtney Jensen and Therry Thomas of Sing-Off champions Committed–whose voice, as everyone who watched this season knows, is “buttah.” LOL  I have to admit a small crush on all the members of Committed–I’m drawn more to their humility and sweet natures than their physicality, though those boys ARE awful cute!–but I have a special affection for Therry that is more of a personal inside joke.  You see, I graduated high school with a guy who if you stretched him a couple of feet and brought him back to his “high school skinny” days looks EXACTLY like Therry.  Or Therry looks exactly like him, since we’re older….as soon as I saw Therry on the show, I immediately tagged my friend in a Facebook status and said “Therry Thomas to Flozell Daniels–are you my daddy?” LOL  (Therry, believe me–it’s a compliment…and incredibly spooky how similar you guys look.  I swear y’all have to be related somewhere down the line).  You can download “Pray” here: http//

YouTube Channels: peterhollens and PHollens3837

Therry’s YouTube Channel: fatboyt05

Another cutie-patootie is Backbeats mastermind Kenton Chen.  OK, being a bespectacled artsy goofball geek, I’ve gotta say than Kenton would be at the top of my hottie list.  No, he’s not you’re typical cute but the pretty boys usually tend to be stuck on themselves anyway.  Once he let out his inner Fred Schneider for the “Love Shack” performance (and I’m a little envious of that doo-wop sway he was working) I was hooked.  When he took co-lead on “Firework” I became a junkie–getting my Kenton fix was a priority.  Just discovered he’s got a blog on here, so I’m off to subscribe shortly:

John Krasinki (aka Jim Halpert, my Office boy crush)

This was just gonna be about my songbirds, but John snuck up on me this weekend.  I have “seen” most of the early episodes of The Office–when you air the same few episode in a syndication package 4 nights a weeks twice (that’s 8 episodes a weekend) you tend to gloss over certain sections of episodes and not notice some things.  I can’t tell you how many time the “Casino Night” episode has hit the airwaves on my station alone in the past year plus, yet the last 3 minutes jumped out at me in a way it never has before.  Of course, John’s been on my mind a little since he’s been popping up in promos for his latest movie Something Borrowed, but he caught me off guard Friday night.  Any fan of The Office and specifically Jim and Pam knows this is the episode where Jim decides to put it all on black and tell Pam his true feelings, despite the fact that she’s engaged to another man.  So much about this hit me in waves (and I now discover I’ll have to either get the DVD or buy the single episode to watch the scenes trimmed for syndication length) that made me appreciate John’s incredible talent–add that to the fact that he’s aw-shucks cute and my boy crush grew exponentially.

I happened to look up at the screen when Jim cornered Pam in the office post-confession and laid a toe-curling kiss on her that I don’t remember seeing the first 10 or 12 times I watched this episode.  So I had to go back and see exactly how we got there.  When he loses whatever train of thought he had looking at Pam and simply said, “I’m in love with you,” Jim laid his heart out on his sleeve for the impending damage from Pam’s shock, uncertainty and deer-in-headlights rejection. And after she shot him down (and I swear I must have watched this 20 times to figure out how he pulled this off), he welled one perfect tear in his left eye, letting it fall and discreetly wiping it away as he walked away from Pam.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a real life declaration pack so much power in such subtle mannerisms, but damn if John’s Jim didn’t stick a lump in my throat all weekend.  If I wasn’t in love with Jim Halpert and his creator before…..well let’s just say that Emily Blunt’s gonna have to share. LOL


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