Bullying as an epidemic, part 2

So this storyline on One Life To Live is getting pretty good–at least the performances have vastly improved and the situations seems a lot more true to life.  The young man did allow his parents to talk him down from the roof, and an avalanche of emotional fallout came down on all sides–the father angry at the situation, the kids involved and the school administration; the mother frightened and shaken that she might have forever needlessly lost her only child; the classmates in varying degrees of disbelief and denial; the mother of the bully wondered about her child’s future and her contribution to his actions.  It’s proving to be a pretty realistic picture of the different views.  The next sets of scenes showed the beleaguered family at the hospital, getting the young man checked out physically and emotionally.  I think the writers did a pretty thorough job with those scenes, showing the need for total family counseling and portraying the reticence of the young man to vocalize his anguish.

I never got as far as the emergency room, but I do remember being dragged to the psychiatrist’s office after a particularly tense family fight/suicide attempt.  I never did open up to the psychiatrist–my mother spent a whole lot of money paying someone to play Scrabble with me. LOL  Nowadays, I do wonder how much more well-adjusted I might have been had I actually talked to my shrink; after all, she was a particularly nice lady and really did want to help me.  Maybe that teen/Fresh Prince mindset that “Parents Just Don’t Understand” is a universal sentiment….but we’ve somehow got to break through that.  There are so many people in pain who believe no one could ever relate to what they’re going through, and that talking about their feelings will make them seem more strange and outcast than they already feel.  How do we set up a support system strong enough to keep bullying from being so destructive?


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