White Trash Princess Diaries: it’s all in the name….

Welcome to my blog!

Those who know me well are most likely scratching their heads on this blog title–seeing as I am not white, not white trash and barely qualify as a princess.  Well, I recently attended a memorial service for a former co-worker who died unexpectedly before his 70th birthday.  We weren’t close friends, but he was very friendly to me when I worked there and on subsequent visits afterward.  Even though I was considered support staff he was never lofty or standoffish; whether senior staff or not, all were equal and worthy of his time and conversation–which could range from learned expertise to sheer bawdiness at the turn of a phrase.  His sudden passing has inspired me to act on some of the dreams and goals I have for myself, one of which was to start and maintain my own blog (hopefully, this is the beginning of great things).  In his honor, I have named my blog for a bumper sticker that once graced his office door.  It said…yes, you guessed it…..

“White Trash Princess”

It’s a reminder to me to live my life to the absolute fullest, boldly, fearlessly and without reservation, to not wait for the “best time” to jump into the mix and start causing trouble–or at least find some to get into.  So, without any further ado, I present to the world the White Trash Princess Diaries.

I have a feeling JWK would approve.

(He might not have read it, with his lifelong aversion to computers, but he’d approve.  He’d probably be especially tickled that I wrote it out longhand on paper first.) ;-D


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yvette Porter Moore
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 00:35:15

    I have no nickname as of yet but love your title! Got to learn to live a little more daring. Thank you for your boldness and sharing the meaning of your title. With this, I will follow your blog.


  2. writingfeemail
    Nov 12, 2011 @ 16:47:23

    Anybody who call themself a white trash princess while writing dumb ass diaries, has my ears, eyes and respect. Bravo!


  3. My Inner Chick
    Nov 06, 2011 @ 11:47:22

    Love the name of you blog !!!


  4. Redneckprincess
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 23:48:00

    Awesome 🙂


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